3 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (2024)

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Teachers are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place on the first week of May, is the perfect time to let the teachers in your life know how grateful you are! Whether it’s sending a simple thank-you card or organizing a school supply drive, there are all kinds of things you can do to show your appreciation. If you’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic this Teacher Appreciation Week, make use of social media to send a virtual note of support.

Method 1

Method 1 of 3:

Finding Ways to Say “Thank You”

  1. 1

    Post a thank you message on social media. Posting online is a quick, easy, but effective way to thank the teachers in your life! It’s also a good way to reach out if your school is doing remote learning and you can’t interact in person. Post a picture of yourself or your child with a favorite teacher on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and add a personal message of gratitude. Add a hashtag such as #ThankATeacher to make your post easier to find.

    • Try saying something like, “Here’s a picture of Mohammed with Mrs. Smith from the beginning of the school year. We’re so grateful for everything she’s been doing to make the e-learning experience fun and exciting!”
    • You can also make a video saying thank you and upload it to the National Education Association’s website, which has been sharing videos from thankful parents, students, and other community members since 2018: http://neatoday.org/thankateacher-2018/.

    Tip: If you’re looking for an easy way to thank your favorite teacher online, try downloading a digital teacher appreciation toolkit like the one available on the PTA.org website.[1] The National PTA’s toolkit includes social media graphics and web banners that you can upload to your website or blog.

  2. 2

    Send a hand-written thank-you card as a keepsake. Sending a thank-you card is a simple, old-fashioned way to show your appreciation, but it also creates a lasting memory that your favorite teacher can hold onto. Buy a thank-you card, draw your own, or print one out.[2]

    • Include a heartfelt, personalized message explaining how the teacher has made a positive difference in your child’s life (or in yours, if you’re a student).
    • For example, you might say something like, “Lyra has blossomed so much since she started first grade in your classroom. Thank you so much for helping her become a reader and writer and for teaching her so much about kindness and responsibility!”
    • If you can’t mail the card to your favorite teacher directly, take a picture or scan it in so you can email it to them or upload it to your e-learning website.
  3. 3

    Have your kids design their own cards to make them more special. It’s important for teachers to hear appreciation from their students as well as from parents.[3] If you’re a parent, ask your kids to draw or craft a thank-you card for their teacher to send in the mail, post online, or give them in person the next time they meet.

    • You can find all kinds of fun thank-you card craft ideas online! Encourage your kids to get creative with glitter glue, stickers, stamps, or construction paper cutouts.
    • Your child can include a personal note or even a poem expressing their gratitude in the card. For beginning writers, stick to simple messages like “Thank you for teaching me, Mr. Smith!”
  4. 4

    Nominate your favorite teacher for an award. If your school or local district gives teaching excellence awards, nominating your teacher for one is an easy way to express your gratitude.[4] Contact your school’s administration or do a search using terms like “teacher award nominations St. Charles Missouri” to find out about how to nominate a teacher at your school.

    • You can also nominate your teacher through a national organization like the NEA Foundation or a local educational nonprofit like Illinois’ Golden Apple.
    • Check the rules to find out exactly what you need to do to nominate your teacher. For example, you might need to record a short video or write an essay explaining why they are a good candidate.
  5. 5

    Take out an ad in your local paper to thank teachers in your district. If you want to send out a big general thank-you to all the teachers at your school or in your district, post an ad in your town’s newspaper or a local magazine! You could even reach out to other parents or students you know and ask them to chip in and help cover the costs.[5]

    • You could also write a letter to the editor or submit an opinion column thanking teachers for their service.


Method 2

Method 2 of 3:

Choosing Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  1. 1

    Survey teachers about their favorite things to get gift ideas. Getting a gift for a teacher is a wonderful way to show appreciation, but it can be hard to know what to get. To get more meaningful gifts, create a questionnaire asking your favorite teacher(s) about a few of the things they like best, then email the questionnaire or survey link to them. For example, you might ask about:[6]

    • Their favorite book
    • What hobbies they enjoy
    • Their favorite type of flowers or plants
    • Their favorite color
    • Which local restaurants or businesses they like the most
    • What kinds of things they do to unwind
    • What they’d most like to have for their classroom
  2. 2

    Find teacher-themed gifts to show appreciation for their work. You don’t have to go for a cliché like an apple-shaped paperweight or a “World’s Best Teacher” mug.[7] There are still tons of cool teacher-themed gifts and décor items that your teacher is likely to enjoy!

    • For example, you might get them a “Teaching Is My Superpower” hoodie, a funny adult coloring book for teachers, some fuzzy “Off-Duty Teacher” socks, or a “teacher survival kit,” which might contain things like snacks, gourmet coffee, paper clips, and band-aids.
    • You can find all kinds of unique and customizable teacher-themed gifts on websites like Etsy, or make your own for a more personal touch.

    Tip: If you don’t know your teacher’s mailing address and can’t give them their gift directly, find out if you can drop it off or mail it to the school for them to pick up.

  3. 3

    Create a handmade gift with your kids for a personal touch. Handmade gifts are extra special because they’re made with love! If you’re a parent, work with your kids to make a fun craft that their teacher will treasure. Check out craft blogs or websites like Pinterest for ideas. For example, you might make something like:

    • A hand-painted or decoupaged pencil holder made from a mason jar
    • A decorated letter sign for the classroom door (like a big “S” for Mr. Smith’s room)
    • A homemade crayon candle
    • A bowl for desk supplies made from plastic melty beads[8]
  4. 4

    Send a virtual gift card if you can’t give a material gift. If you don’t know your teacher’s mailing address and can’t give them a gift in person, an online gift card is a great alternative.[9] Email your teacher an electronic gift card that they can use at an online store like Amazon, Etsy, or Wayfair.

    • If you’d rather support local businesses, find out if there are any in your area that offer virtual gift cards and online ordering.
  5. 5

    Give teachers an experiential gift to help them relax and unwind. Giving a great gift doesn’t have to mean giving a thing. You can also give the amazing teachers in your life an experience they can treasure! For example, if they love art, you could give them a voucher for a painting or pottery making class at a local studio. Give a foodie teacher a certificate for a cooking class or a wine tasting experience. Or, give them a gift card for a local spa so they can have a relaxing massage day.[10]

    • You can use websites like StubHub, Groupon, or LivingSocial to find great deals on gift-able experiences, from concerts to cruises.

    Tip: If your favorite teacher is stuck at home due to the coronavirus, you can still gift them with a virtual experience, like a voucher for an online class or tickets to a virtual concert.

  6. 6

    Choose things your teacher can use in the classroom for a practical gift. In the U.S., most teachers have to spend their own money on classroom supplies, and 9 out of 10 teachers are never reimbursed for their purchases.[11] Show your love and appreciation for a teacher you care about by getting things they can use on the job, while also giving your gift a personal touch. For example, you might get them:

    • A tote or organizer for their writing supplies
    • Personalized pencils or sticky notes
    • A fancy personalized lanyard for their teacher ID
    • A colorful pen set for marking assignments
    • A cute gift basket or “cake” made of classroom supplies
  7. 7

    Volunteer to help out in the classroom to give a teacher a break. One of the greatest gifts you can give a teacher is time.[12] If you’re a parent, talk to the administration or the PTO at your child’s school about how you can volunteer in the classroom. If your school is still doing e-learning due to the coronavirus, ask if you can help out with any of the online instruction.

    • For example, you might offer to come in and read to the class or supervise for an afternoon while your child’s teacher attends an event or meeting.
    • You can also volunteer to help out on field trips or help organize class parties.
    • For online learning, you could offer to record a video of yourself reading a book or guiding the kids through a craft or learning activity they can do at home.


Method 3

Method 3 of 3:

Organizing Teacher Appreciation Activities

  1. 1

    Show solidarity by wearing red on May 6th. On May 6th, show support for teachers who are working hard to improve conditions in schools around the country by participating in the #REDforED campaign. Post a picture of yourself or your child wearing red. Hold a sign or write a caption explaining why you are wearing red.

    • For example, you could say something like “I’m wearing #REDforED to support teachers who are fighting for better funding for public schools,” or “I’m wearing #REDforED today to say thank you to all the teachers who are supporting our kids during the coronavirus pandemic.”
    • You can also send a personalized digital Red for Ed postcard to your favorite teacher. Choose from the options available on the NEA website: http://neatoday.org/redfored/show-your-support-for-educators/.
  2. 2

    Organize a school supply donation drive. Teachers can always use more supplies for the classroom, and organizing a school supply drive is a great way to show your appreciation.[13] Reach out to other parents, kids, or members of your local community and ask them to contribute materials such as paper, pencils, crayons, glue, or even cleaning and hygiene supplies like paper towels and tissues.

    • If teachers in your district are working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, they can still use supplies to help make their jobs easier. Consider organizing a fund drive in your community to help teachers pay for the things they need, like comfortable desk chairs, printers/scanners, and good home computers or tablets.
  3. 3

    Host a teacher appreciation day reception at your school. One great way to celebrate teachers is to organize a celebration at the school. Create a memorable day by providing food, gift bags for individual teachers, and fun activities that the teachers can participate in, like games or a prize wheel.

    • Even if you can’t celebrate in person due to shelter-in-place orders, you can still treat teachers at your local school to a nice lunch. Work with your PTO or PTA to order some delicious food and organize a curbside pickup at a specific date and time, or send gift cards for takeout or delivery from a local restaurant.[14]
  4. 4

    Create a teacher appreciation wall at the school or online. During teacher appreciation week, suggest to your school’s PTO or PTA that they put up a special bulletin board to celebrate the teachers! This would be a great place to display thank-you cards from parents and students, artwork or poetry by the kids celebrating their teachers, and pictures of the teachers in their classrooms.[15]

    • You can also organize a virtual teacher appreciation bulletin board on your school’s website or Facebook page. Reach out to other parents and students at the school and ask them to post or send in drawings, written messages, photos, or videos expressing their appreciation.
  5. 5

    Distribute teacher appreciation flyers or buttons in your community. Encourage people around you to be thankful for the teachers in their life! Hand out pins or buttons with messages like “Thank You, Teachers!” or go to a local coffee shop and ask if they can put out flyers reminding customers to thank a teacher. You can also send out an email to friends and family encouraging them to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.[16]

    • If you’re on lockdown because of the coronavirus, reach out online. For example, you could create a shareable graphic or text post on social media, or challenge your friends to tag 5 teachers they know and tell them “Thanks.”


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      • May 9 is National Teacher Appreciation Day in 2023. Take a moment to give a shout-out to your favorite teacher on this day, make a quick phone call, or send them an email to tell them how you feel!


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