10 Reading Activities for the 100th Day of School (2024)

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I don’t know how it’s possible but the 100th Day of School is already right around the corner! On this day, I like to take the time to celebrate with some super fun 100th Day-themed activities. These cute and free printable bookmarks and engaging reading activities for the 100th Day will help make the entire school day special!

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When I think about activities for celebrating the 100th Day of School, I usually think of math. Yet, it’s also a day about celebrating accomplishments – and that can certainly include reading. Whether your kiddos are just beginning to read or moving on to chapter books, they’ll enjoy these easy and fun activities!

Mark the Day

Let’s start with a freebie! Students of all ages are sure to love these adorable (and free!) printable bookmarks (download below). My kids and I enjoyed giving them a test drive. We got out the colored pencils and crayons and had fun brightening up every detail.

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Make a Stack

Have students work as a class or grade level to choose 100 books that they’ve enjoyed so far this school year. Stack up the books in groups of ten. Then, let them take turns adding books to a single towering stack. Marvel at your joint accomplishment! We tested this idea out – it helped to have some hardback books to give it stability. For older kids with thick chapter books, I recommend you stack the books in a corner to get wall support on two sides.

Save the Memory

Take a photo of each child next to the stack of 100 books, with the child holding up a sign that says, “I’m 100 Books Smarter!” or “Happy 100th Day of School!” Or take a group photo version, with a sign that says, “We’re 100 books smarter – Happy 100th Day of School!”

Use Your Word Wall

Here’s a simple idea if you keep a word wall. Look to see if you have anywhere near 100 words on it. If you’re close, add or subtract a few to get exactly 100. Then, count and read them together.

Sight Word Power

Pull out 100 sight word cards and read them together, placing them in groups of ten.

Phonics Fun

Write out the 5 vowels twice – once for short vowels and again for long vowels. Then, as a class, think of ten words for each vowel.

Check the Reading Log

Do you keep a class reading log of books you’ve read aloud? Go over it together and count how many you’ve read in 100 days.

Ten x Ten

Pull ten short 1-10 counting books from the library and read them all aloud, perhaps spaced throughout the day. Draw on the board to illustrate that 100 is made up of ten groups of ten.

Use the ABCs

Count out 100 plastic letter magnets. Name each letter and its sound as you go.

Read All About It

Read a story about the 100th Day of School, such as:

I hope you enjoy your 100th Day of School celebration. Sometimes it’s the invented holidays that are the most fun!

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10 Reading Activities for the 100th Day of School (2024)
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