10 Fun and Engaging 100 Days of School Activities (2024)

Congrats! Your learners are officially 100 days smarter! Why not celebrate with these 100 days of school activities? Even though it may not feel like you’re making a difference every day, just think how much growth your students have made since the beginning of the school year. I’ll admit that despite the craziness, the 100th day of school celebration is always so much fun to celebrate, and with these 100th day activity ideas, your students will have a blast. Read on to learn more about my favorite way to set up these activities and get a sneak peek at 10 of my favorites!

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Setting Up Your 100 Days of School Activities

In order to maximize your time and encourage both learning and fun, I’ve found that the best way to set up your 100 days of school activities is with rotations.

I’ve included over ten 100th day activity ideas below that you can choose from to incorporate into your math and literacy centers or rotations.

For organizational purposes, I suggest getting everything together, placing each activity in a tub, making copies of the student friendly directions on colored paper, and then laminating them. That way everything that is needed for that activity is all together in one place inside the tub!

For more information on how to prep and set up your 100th day of school station rotations, check out this blog post where I walk you through exactly how I do it in my classroom.

You can also grab a FREE copy of my 100th day center rotation signs by filling out the form below and having it sent directly to your inbox!

100 Days of School Activities

There are so many fun and creative ways to celebrate the 100th day of school while also incorporating learning and skill review into your day. Check out this list of 10 activity ideas, including 100th day STEM activities, 100th day math activities, and so much more!

Want more 100th day inspiration? Check out my 100th day vlog over on YouTube!

#1. 100 Stickers on the Teacher

Every year, I would let my students decorate me with 100 stickers, and they LOVED it! They would get to choose from different shaped stickers and they would add them to me throughout the day until we reached 100 stickers by the end of the day. This is silly and fun for them, but is also a great way to practice counting to 100.

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#2. 100th Day Cup Structure STEM Activity

I love using 100th day STEM activities to celebrate this milestone as well. Not only do these activities incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math, but they also encourage students to problem-solve, think critically, and work as a team! For this activity, students work together in teams to compete in a cup stacking challenge! Each team is given 100 plastic cups, and as long as they don’t throw them or knock the cups down on purpose, they are allowed to build their structure however they want. This was always a hit in my classroom!

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#3. Roll a Die to 100 100th Day Math Activity

Students love this 100th day math activity because it’s not only a competition with their classmates, but also with themselves. Students are given a Roll a Die 100 Times tracking sheet that allows them to monitor how often they roll certain numbers. This can be done in-person or digitally with activities from my 100th Days of School Activities resource. This game is perfect for the 100th day of school because students love to roll dice and have a little competitive fun.

#4. When I’m 100 Years Old Picture

This 100th day activity ideas is a total hoot! You can use an app on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store called “Aging Booth” to take pictures of each student and it automatically transforms into a picture of what they would look like when they are 100 years old! You can use any type of craft supply you have on hand to create a frame for the pictures. Students think this is hilarious, but just be warned they may not want you to hang their pictures in the hallway for everyone to see! This is such a fun way to get the whole class laughing.

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#5. Mystery Picture 100th Day Math Activity

This Mystery Picture activity is one of my favorite 100 days of school activities because it challenges students to think! Students are given a variety of addition problems to solve. They must use their math skills to solve each equation before finding and coloring the sums on their hundreds chart. Once they’ve colored each sum, they will have revealed the mystery picture, which (spoiler alert!) is the number 100!

#6. 100th Day Animals

If you have a group of students that absolutely love to draw and let their creative side come out, this is the 100th day activity idea for you! Students will use their creativity to make animal illustrations using the number 100. I’ve had students draw everything from a dog to an ostrich! You can also incorporate a writing activity and have them write a story to go along with their illustration.

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#7. Race to 100: A Hundreds Chart Game

This is a fun 100th day game to do at the end of the school day to send your students home nice and energized! To play, students will need a large hundreds chart poster and colored paper. They will work together in small groups to tear up 100 scraps of paper and fill the hundreds chart. The first group to cover every number on the board and finish is the winner! It seems pretty simple, but students LOVE the challenge! Plus, it will encourage kids to work together as part of a team.

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#8. 100 Parts of Speech

This 100 days of school activity is a great way to incorporate ELA skills into your celebration. Students will use the100 Parts of Speech Bookletto come up with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. They must try to think of 25 for each category and write them under the corresponding flap. This really helps them get their brains working and increases their vocabulary skills along the way.

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#9. Class Book 100th Day Writing Activity

This 100th Day writing activity is so fun to see once students are done! They will complete a writing prompt about what they imagine themselves doing in 100 years. Then, they draw an illustration next to their writing to show how they will look when they are 100 years old! You can create your own class book for everyone to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. This is a great opportunity to get students using their imagination and showing off their writing skills on the 100th day of school.

#10. Flip a Coin a 100 Times

To play this 100th day math game, students will predict how many times they will flip a heads or a tails. Then, they’ll flip a coin 100 times and record their data. This 100th day math activity can be done with paper and pencil or digitally. Both options are included in my 100 Days of School Activities Resource!This may just be your students’ favorite activity!

Bonus 100 Days of School Activities:

  • “What Do You Think?” Booklet
  • Create a List of 100 Things
  • 100th Day Celebration Hats
  • Hershey’s Kiss 100 Chart
  • Color by Number

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10 Fun and Engaging 100 Days of School Activities (2024)
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