10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (2024)

Groundhog Day Crafting

Every year, as January creeps to a close, we can look forward to finding out if we are in for a long winter or if spring is just on the horizon. February 2 marks Groundhog Day and is the day we wait with bated breath to find out if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow. He makes his appearance first thing in the morning at Gobblers Knob in the Pennsylvania Wilds. While we wait for the verdict, we can busy ourselves with a little crafting. To add to the fun and all of the anticipation, we have come up with a collection of adorableGroundhog Day crafts that your kids will enjoy.

If you are not familiar with the Groundhog Day tradition, it's a pretty simple event. The idea is that if it is sunny and Punxsutawney sees his shadow, he will head back into hibernation and we are in for six more weeks of winter. On the other hand, if it is cloudy and no shadow can be seen, then spring will start soon. It's a fun mid-winter celebration.

In honor of the day, you could have your kids make their own groundhog to take part in the festivities. These Groundhog Day crafts are good for a variety of age groups and skill levels. The list includes a variety of cute groundhog ideas ranging from puppets to headbands and more.

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10 DIY Groundhog Day Crafts

Groundhogs can be made from a variety of materials in a variety of styles. Whether using paper plates, paper bags, felt or even toilet paper rolls, the end results will all be cute. Then, it's just a matter of adding unique details with some embellishments. This collection includes many different takes on easy and cute groundhog crafts.

1. Groundhog Popup

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (1)

It's always nice when you can create a craft project without spending a lot of money. In fact, "free" craft materials are always ideal. This popup groundhog craft can be easily made with items that you have around the house.

The toilet paper roll groundhog pushes up through the "snow" with an attached popsicle stick and a slit at the bottom of the cup. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make the popup groundhog.


10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (2)


10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (3)

  1. Put a bead of glue inside the upper edge of the toilet paper roll and press it shut.

  2. Attach the ears using two small furniture pads. Just peel the backing off of the felt circle and attach it to the sides of the flat edge of the toilet paper roll. If you don't have furniture pads, you could just use paper. Or, get creative by using other items like buttons or pennies.

  3. I used two small snowflake stickers to form the eyes and then colored the centers with a black circle. You can also just color the eyes without a sticker.

  4. Attach the larger felt pad to make a nose. Then, color in a black tip with the Sharpie.

  5. Cut out two small rectangles to create the teeth. Use any type of white paper.

  6. Attach a popsicle stick, with tacky glue, to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

  7. Cut a slit at the bottom of the cup.

  8. Put a bead of glue around the inside of the top of the cup and secure pieces of cotton ball to the glue. This is to look like snow.

  9. Insert the groundhog you created into the cup with the bottom of the popsicle stick sliding through the bottom slit on the cup.

Now, your child can play with the popup groundhog by pushing it with the stick up through the snow and then pulling it back down.

Here are some more groundhog crafts to try.

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2. Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (4)

Grab a stack of brown paper lunch bags and transform them into fun puppets. In honor of Groundhog Day,Kids Activities Blogfeatures a groundhog puppet that is easy to make. Just add some paper embellishments and a little drawing and you have an adorable groundhog. Don't forget the "grass" at the bottom of the bag!

3. Toilet Paper Roll Groundhog

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (5)

It's always nice when you can make use of empty toilet paper rolls. Here is a creative example byRed Ted Artfor turning a toilet paper roll into an adorable groundhog peeking out of a hole in the ground. See how easy it is to make with just the addition of construction paper or yarn.

4. Groundhog Headband Craft

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (6)

A great way to celebrate Groundhog Day in style is to make and wear a festive headband. This groundhog headband, bySimple Everyday Mom,is just the ticket for displaying a peek from atop your head.

5. Groundhog Day Agamograph

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (7)

An accordion-style drawing is a creative way to make a 3D image.Easy Peasy and Funprovides a printable template to easily create a fun stand-up display. Just color it in for your own unique look.

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6. Felt Groundhog Puppet

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (8)

To make a puppet with staying power, it's a good idea to use felt to cover a paper bag. This is exactly what Scarlet atFamily Focus Blogdid for this adorable groundhog puppet. All you need is felt, a paper bag, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make the puppet. Check out the tutorial for full instructions.

7. Groundhog Day Finger Puppet Craft

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (9)

A twist on a full-hand puppet is this fun idea byHousing A Forestfor a two-finger puppet. Not only will kids enjoy making the puppets but they will also have fun playing with them.

8. Felt Groundhog Finger Puppet

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (10)

Groundhog puppets can also come in small sizes. This adorable finger puppet bySkip To My Louis easy to make and fun to play with. Don't be surprised if your kids want one for every finger!

9. Groundhog Peek

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (11)

Jinxy Kidsmakes it easy to create a cute groundhog peeking from its hole. A free printable groundhog is provided so you don't have to draw or create your own. Just cut out the print and color it in.

10. Groundhog Cup Game

10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (12)

This cute groundhog on a stick idea comes from Ali atMom Explores SW Florida. The idea with the numbered cups was a way to teach her daughter about numbers. It's a fun way to pop the groundhog in and out of cups and learn numbers at the same time.

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10 Cute and Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids (2024)
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